To address these challenges for a successful reentry program.  Eagle has developed the Community Correctional Facility (CCF) that focuses in on three major items:


1. Remove lower-level offenders from the current jail population

       with more comfortable surroundings.


2. Provide short-term offenders with the program space needed

      to implement the tools (education, behavioral change

      programming, and basic life skills) to help them move forward

      and stay out of jail.


 3. Provide optional space to deliver more sophisticated court

      ordered programming (substance abuse, anger management,

       etc.) to the longer term, more violent population.

     Note: For complete design criteria scroll to bottom of website


Community Corrections Facility (1).jpg

     The Eagle CCF design provides the segregated space required for staff and

community-based service to utilize the tools needed to

be successful in 

their efforts to reduce

recidivism without

repeating the jail cycle.


Community Corrections Facility (7).jpg


Control Center

Adjoining Dayroom

Decatur County (15).jpg

Phone time

Decatur County (19).jpg

ADA Restrooms

Custom Sally Port entrance 


"If we didn't do this, we would be over 250% of our rated capacity, which  results in unnecessary violence and problems, or we would have to release a

lot of people back on the street that the criminal justice system feels should be here. This keeps a healthy justice system".

 T. Blodgett, Decatur County Jail Commander

International designs that accommodate the culture and
their legal due process. 

flat rate leasing for under $20.00 per day per bed.
Call for details.


George Town, Cayman Islands U.K. 


"The Cayman Island is fortunate to have  avoided challenges under the Territorial 2009 Constitutional Order due to the conditions of its former police jail facilities. Were lucky we haven't been sued for constructive torture" due to the conditions of our two jail." 

  The Commissioner went as far as to say the facility may be the best in the Caribbean. 

                  David Baines, RCIPS Commissioner

Customer: The Cayman Islands Government

Location: George Town, Grand Cayman Islands

Square footage: 4,152 gross

Inmate count: 24 maximum security

Price: Call for immediate pricing 

Details: Full service "Custody Suite" based on U.K. law of order


Video YouTube link:

Solid welded steel assembly with

15 year warranty 


Customer: Manitoba Infrastructure & Transport

Location: Milner Ridge Manitoba Canada

Square footage: 11,650 gross

Inmate count: 64 medium security

Price: Call for immediate pricing

Details: Accommodate Native Indian traditions.


Work is already underway on adding another 64 cells by Eagle Companies announced this year.

Modular construction is being used in that project to speed the construction process, making the beds available more quickly. In the past few years the Province said it has added 172 cells to the Lac du Bonnet-area jail.

MIT Manitoba Infrastructure & Transport

Milner Ridge, Manitoba Canada

Customer: Carter County Tennessee

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Square footage: 6,450 gross

Inmate count: 96 medium

Price: Call for immediate pricing

Details: Fully occupied for 7 years. 


“We think that our model can eventually be used to not only relieve overcrowding in jails, but also in the future on the federal level for the detention of undocumented aliens who are set to be returned to their home country,”  Chief McCormick

brought the idea for using the custom detention facility model to the city, as a way to raise revenues. 

Pelham Police Chief

Nealie McCormick

Customer: City of Pelham Georgia

Location: Pelham, Georgia

Square footage: 6,450 gross

Inmate count: 88 medium 

Price: Call for immediate pricing

Details: Overflow from Fulton County (Atlanta)

  The Eagle Companies (EDS) Detention System offers the only field-tested and proven cost effective solution approved by Nationwide Department of Corrections and International Correction and Detentions institutions. The pre-engineered steel welded platform meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of County jails, State and Federal prisons and community detention facilities both Nationwide and International.

Segragated Housing 

Sleeping pods are designed to meet lower count special needs housing from 4-8 beds per pod with private bathrooms. 


Cell Blocks

Wet cell blocks available in a single and double bunk. Along with full monitoring capacity of both audible and visual surveillance.

Dormitory Housing

Accommodates larger numbers for shorter periods of time. Adjoining day room offers the movement required 

along with access to exercise yards. 

Decatur County (20).jpg
Manufactured in the
United States of America





Willoughby Plumbing fixtures

Metcraft Plumbing Fixtures

Kenall Penal Light Fixtures

Southern Folger Adam Lock

Global Security Glazing

Nudo Secure Shield Panels

Johnsonite Rubber Flooring

Price Ventilation Grill

Sentry Hardware

Steward Steel Doors


Carlisle Product 





Carter County Tennessee

Manitoba Canada

Pelham Georgia 

Cayman Islands 

Carter County  Jail 130.JPG

Spacious open platform for ease and security of inmate movement

Manitoba 136.jpg
Manitoba 118.JPG
Manitoba 156.JPG
Pelham Jail 154.jpg
Pelham Jail 142.JPG
Cayman Island Police (4).png
Cayman Island Police (20).JPG

Central Control Room

Decatur County


“I’m super happy with how everything turned out,” Blodgett said. “With any big project like this, there’s always curveballs we have to work through and things we didn’t anticipate. For the most part, it’s been a very smooth process.”                                
Decatur County (11).JPG
Decatur County (4).JPG
Decatur County (10).JPG

 Installed in just a few days.

Decatur County (8).JPG
Decatur County (20).jpg
Decatur County (15).jpg
Decatur County (19).jpg
Decatur County (24).jpg
Decatur County (22).jpg
Decatur County (17).jpg
Decatur County (25).jpg
Decatur County (23).jpg
Decatur County (13).jpg

 Commissioned in less than 4 weeks from delivery 

 Public Phones

ADA plumbing 


Food tray


from the

security office 




Countries with Product



MIT Manitoba Canada
Cayman Islands
Pellham, Georgia
Carter County, Tennessee
U.K  Bermuda


Office/Manufacturing Facility

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4214 Rome West Road 

Chillicothe, Il. 61523

Tel: 309-686-9054

United States


Eagle Companies Product Line 

   "The Eagle Companies (EDS) Detention System is internationally recognized for building high-quality correctional and detention facilities in a cost-effective manner. 


   Their institutions comply with all applicable codes and provide a turn-key service that is safe, humane, and appropriately secure.  The EDS team offers a vision-to-reality service to address the ongoing needs of our criminal justice system. 

During my 45 years in local, state, and federal corrections, I have seen few companies set the industry's standard for safety, quality, and innovation as well as EDS."

Bob Hood
Warden (Ret.)

Federal "Supermax" Penitentiary

United States Department of Justice

Retired Senior Executive Service CEO with the United States Department of Justice. As Warden of the United States Penitentiary "Supermax," responsible for the most secure federal prison in the United States (home to terrorist, spies, and notorious gang leaders). Prior to holding the position of warden at four major US prisons, was the Assistant Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Prisons Div.) in GA. Additional experience was gained as the Chief of Internal Affairs within the United States Department of Justice. Former National Security Specialist (GE Homeland Protection) with over 40 years of experience in the criminal justice system.

Goal: To utilize my experience in providing security solutions at the local, state, and federal level.

Specialties: Management of high-security facilities, terrorist-related initiatives, consulting, activation/architectural design - prisons, graduate level college instruction, international lecturer, television interviewing (featured on 60 Minutes), and administration of national law enforcement academy experience.


“Eagle is producing a product that can meet the changing demands of expanding capacity, but is also providing flexible opportunities for MAT and re-entry navigation.”

Peter E. Perroncello, MS, CJM, CCHP, CCT

45 Misty Meadow Road

Pembroke, MA 02359


    We perform operations consulting, risk management reviews, and provide litigation counseling and expert witness services for Sheriff's Offices and Department's of Corrections. Our services are augmented with topical training, and inspections comporting with recognized professional practices used as performance benchmarks.

    Areas of expertise include public safety risk management, direct supervision jail management training, transition and design development, health care policy and overall jail and detention facility operations. Training employees to do the right thing is our major activity. These programs are delivered as co-operative agreements with a non-profit association or through a direct professional vendor services agreement. In the past thirty years over 9,000 corrections professionals have participated in a training program or been in attendance at a workshop at a conference. 



                                     Eagle Community Correctional Facility (CCF)



Jails now have a vastly different, more violent, more sophisticated, more criminally educated population. Ex state prison inmates who would normally return to prison for committing fresh crimes are often now held at the county level instead of going back to the state prison system. "New" criminals who commit crimes are far more likely to go to a county jail then to a state prison.


To address these challenges, Eagle Companies developed the Community Correctional Facility (CCF) that focus on these three major items:


  1. Remove lower-level offenders from the current jail population

       with more comfortable surroundings.


  2. Provide short-term offenders with the program space needed

      to implement the tools (education, behavioral change

      programming, and basic life skills) to help them move forward

      and stay out of jail.


  3. Provide optional space to deliver more sophisticated court

      ordered programming (substance abuse, anger management,

      etc.) to the longer term, more violent population.


This isolated programming offered should be "evidence-based." The local programming should come with a measurement tool specific to each program (or service). The actual proof is: Do they come back to jail?  And we can certainly measure that!


The intent of the CCF design will be to offer these services while an inmate is still serving their time so they can get their certification of completion more quickly and under more strict supervision. When their out-date rolls around, they're prepared to start moving forward.


B. Building Design Specifications


The CCF will have the option of 16-24 bunk type beds with personal locked storage. An adjoining day room and dining seating with multiple TV locations and beverage counter will support downtime entertainment.


The new facility will be constructed with an adjacent exercise yard dedicated to its own population. The facility will be designed to provide programming space for the current jail facility, as well as a venue for other inmate-centric activity


The housing portion of the unit is intended to hold minimum security inmates with relatively short-term sentences, and the classroom/treatment room is intended to be dual-purpose, providing both dedicated program space for all incarcerated inmates of both sexes. The classroom can offer a venue for tele-psychiatry sessions, video arraignment and in-person psychiatric interviews among other purposes.


The facility will be constructed with three exterior ingress/egress points. Two that enter the housing unit, and one directly into the classroom. The classroom will have an interior door passage that will be prepped to eliminate site and sound transfer.  


The facility can be installed near the main jail and will be treated as an additional cell block. It will be serviced by the main jail for all essentials (meals, laundry, visitation, attorney visits, booking and medical services).


The facility communication package will be designed to be integral to the existing infrastructure, intercom, video and electronic security systems. The unit will be designed to meet all ADA standards, life safety, fire code, energy compliance required. The entire facility will be devoid of suicide hazards as required and will offer stainless bio resistant surfaces for current health and sanitation requirements.


C. Conclusion


The essence of the Eagle CCF design will give you the tools and skills to be successful in your efforts to reduce your community recidivism without repeating the jail cycle. This means life skills (learning to fill out a job app, learning to interview, what to wear to work, learning to balance a checkbook and to make a budget), learning to handle and control their emotions, learning to beat substance dependency, and learning to recognize and defeat problem behavior.


These facilities are available for lease with purchase options at tax exempt rates.


For more information on the Eagle CCF design and other applications we have provided

Thank you for your time in review.


Timothy Tobin

Timothy Tobin, President